Person Search

Leadership and Administration

Vice President for Arizona International and Dean of International Education
Chief of Staff and Director of Special Projects
Samantha Turner
Manager, Logistics/Events

Finance, Operations, and UA Passports

International Travel

Director, Arizona International Travel

International Marketing & Communications

Interim Assistant Director, International Marketing and Communications
Web Developer/Designer, Senior
Communications Manager


Manager, Systems Administration

International Admissions

Daniel Saud
Assistant Dean, International Admissions and Enrollment
Director, International Admissions and Enrollment
Associate Director, Processing
Senior Director for Asian Engagement
Director, Corporate Partnerships
Enrollment Counselor, North/East/South India
International Enrollment Manager
Enrollment Manager, China Engagement
Enrollment Counselor - Europe & the U.S.
Enrollment Counselor – Central & Southern Africa, Ghana
Kacie Gastanaga
International Outreach Coordinator
Chief Advisor for South Asia
Enrollment Counselor, China
Enrollment Counselor – Middle East
Enrollment Counselor – Latin America & Canada
Coordinator, International Admissions Application and Document Processing
Pauline Przywara
Enrollment Counselor, South Asia
Coordinator, International Admissions Evaluation and Comprehensive Review
Enrollment Counselor - North & Central Africa
Senior Coordinator, Data Integrity and Processing Initiatives

International Education/Microcampus Network

Assistant Dean, Curricular Affairs & Operations, International Education
Assistant Dean, Research & Development, Assistant Vice President, Southeast Asia
Associate Vice President, China & East Asia Affairs, Professor of Practice, James E. Rogers College of Law
Assistant Vice President, Mexico and Latin America
Assistant Vice President, Middle East and North African Affairs
Amanda Agate-Delco
Program Manager, South & Southeast Asia
Director, Latin American Programs
Academic Advisor, International Direct
Dong Chen
Graduate Research Assistant, Microcampus Research Team
John Haupt
Research Associate
Senior Director, International Education
Hilary Houlette
Graduate Research Assistant, Microcampus Research Team
Senior Program Manager, International Curriculum
Younghoon Koh
Graduate Research Assistant, Microcampus Research Team
Student Specialist, International Education
Assistant Vice President, Mexico - US Affairs
Program Manager, Peru
Program Coordinator, Study Arizona
Assistant Director, International Education
Location Manager - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Enrollment & Course Scheduling Coordinator
Manager, Marketing and Communications, International Education
Location Manager - Hanoi, Vietnam
Director, Central and South Asia Affairs
Senior Associate Director, lnternational Education, Director, Africa Programs and Co-Working Partnerships
Location Manager - Jakarta, Indonesia
Student Specialist, International Education
Head of Education and Research Programs, South Asia
Instructional Designer
Location Manager - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Assistant Director, China and East Asia Programs

International Faculty & Scholars

Executive Director, Employee Immigration Services & Compliance, Executive Director, International Faculty & Scholars, Professor of Practice, College of Law
Assistant Director, International Faculty and Scholars

International Student Services

Interim Director, International Student Services
Associate Director, International Student Services
International Student Advisor, Sponsored Programs
Accountant, Sponsored Programs
Application Support Specialist
Program Director, Sponsored Programs
Program Director, SEVIS Compliance
International Student Specialist
International Document Processor
International Student Specialist
International Student Advisor, Sr.
International Student Advisor, Sr.
International Student Advisor, Sr.