International Travel

UA Travel Policy

The University of Arizona supports and encourages travel by faculty, staff and students. The resources listed below outline current policies and procedures that should be followed to ensure that members of the UA community can be reached in case of emergency when traveling on UA business or programs.

Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance

The University of Arizona approved a revised Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance that is effective as of May 1, 2012. The new policy outlines guidelines for travel to higher risk countries identified by the U.S. Department of State and the Center for Disease Control. This policy applies to all University of Arizona (UA) faculty, staff, students and volunteers who travel internationally as part of University of Arizona research, education, service or employment.

Interim International Travel Policy

University International Travel Registry

This site provides a variety of tools and resources for those planning to travel outside the U.S. for University of Arizona study, research, and business purposes. The tools and links provided here are designed to enhance travel safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide for rapid location and communication in the event of an emergency situation.

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