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Arizona International is your source for international connections. We facilitate a wide range of interactions and exchanges with peer universities and government agencies, including dual degree programs, shared global locations, and virtual exchanges. View our guidelines for international engagement and processes for formal agreements. There are many opportunities to establish international partnerships. We are here to help.

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Whether you want to establish a dual degree program, collaborate on a University of Arizona microcampus location, or pursue a formal agreement, The International office is your source for global connections. We develop and maintain partnerships with universities and agencies around the world.

“For a long time, the University of Arizona has supported the University of Sonora. We share so much: Geography, climate, and opportunities because in a lot of ways we are the same people—and we want to strengthen this relationship even more,” says Enrique Fernando Velázquez Contreras, rector of Universidad de Sonora.

President Robbins Signs Agreement
University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins renews a historic agreement with the rector of Universidad de Sonora.