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If you have been admitted to another university in the United States, you may be eligible to transfer your I-20 record to the new school.

If your record is transferred to a new school, you:

  • Will keep the same SEVIS number
  • Do not have to pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee again
  • Can remain in the United States until your new school begins 

Transfer Eligibility 

You are eligible for a SEVIS transfer if: 

  • You are maintaining active F-1 status. 
  • Classes at the new school begin within 5 months of either the last day you attended classes at the University of Arizona or the end date of your post-completion OPT. 

Students with Terminated Records 

It is extremely uncommon for schools to accept I-20 records in terminated status. If your I-20 record has been terminated, we will not transfer your record unless the new school provides written confirmation that they want us to complete the transfer.  

Transfer Release Date 

The transfer release date is the date your I-20 record will be electronically sent in SEVIS to the new school. It can be scheduled in SEVIS for a future date. On the transfer release date, we will lose access to your I-20 record, and your new school will immediately gain access. 

Selecting a Transfer Release Date 

The transfer release date you select depends, in part, on when you plan to start at the new school. In all cases, you must continue to maintain your F-1 immigration status until the transfer release date. 

During Your Degree 

  • If your new school starts after the current semester ends, your release date must be after final exams. 
  • If you have on-campus employment, your work authorization ends on the transfer release date. 

After Graduation 

  • Your I-20 record must be transferred to the new school before the end of the 60-day grace period following your degree completion. 
  • If you leave the U.S. during your grace period without applying for post-completion OPT, your F-1 status will end, and you will not be eligible to transfer your I-20 record. 

During Post-Completion OPT 

  • Your record can be transferred during your OPT or the 60-day grace period after it ends. 
  • If you transfer your record before your EAD card expires, you will lose any remaining days of OPT work authorization 
  • Select a transfer release date so you do not accrue too many days of unemployment (90 days for post-completion OPT and 150 for STEM OPT) 

How to Apply

Submit the Transfer Out e-form: 

  • Upload a copy of your new school's admissions letter. 
  • Indicate your transfer release date. 

Normal processing time is 5 business days. 

Transfer-In Forms 

IMPORTANT Effective immediately, we will no longer complete other schools’ transfer-in forms. It is your responsibility to provide the new school with copies of documents and information about your immigration status. We will not transfer out completed or terminated records without first receiving permission from the other school. You can share our Transfer Memo with your new school if they have questions about this policy.


After your record is transferred to the new school, your University of Arizona I-20 will no longer be valid. If you will travel outside the U.S. after your record has been transferred, you must use the I-20 from the new school to reenter. 

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