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Denise Contreras, she/her

Denise is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in Arizona. She provides consultations, individual and group therapy to international students seeking emotional support at the University of Arizona. Denise strives towards building community with staff and faculty to support students and to help students understand what services are available. Denise utilizes a trauma-informed approach, relational-cultural therapy, with an intersectional lens to meet her clients where they are at. She has 13+ years of focus on sexual and racial trauma, addiction, harm reduction, eating concerns, and mood disorders.

Denise also provides LGBTQIA+ Affirming Care and Culturally Affirming and Sustaining Practices.

If you are interested in learning more about consultations and therapeutic services, please feel free to contact Denise through secure messaging within the student patient portal or through email at

Life Management services are:

  • Confidential
  • Paid for by the International Student Fee, which means there are no further costs to F and J international students when seen by Denise. Other costs will vary when utilizing Campus Health Services.
  • Usually available for an appointment within that week or next week

How to meet with Denise:

Schedule a Zoom or in-person appointment through the link below.

  • In-person appointments: Tuesday & Thursday
    • Located at International Student Services in the Global Center, 615 N. Park Avenue, Rm 127 (1st floor). Check in at the front desk.
  • Telehealth/via Zoom: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

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Denise Contreras