Finances & Funding

We understand how critical adequate funding is to your success at the University of Arizona. Review the information below to learn more about the services and support available across campus.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, meet with an international student advisor to explore immigration options available:

You can also connect with our Life Management Clinician for mental health counseling related to financial stress.

If you are waiting for the release of your financial aid or looking for additional funding options, the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid may be able to help.

There are a variety of reasons that may delay the release of your financial aid. Review and take action on the following:

Once all other sources of financial aid have been exhausted, most international students look to other scholarships or private educational loans. You can create a profile on Scholarship Universe to search for open scholarships year-round or visit our private loans page for more information on how to find and secure a private loan.

The Office of Fellowships at the Graduate Center assists graduate students in finding and applying for external funding opportunities. Their goal is to make grant writing an essential part of graduate education and encourage every student to write at least one grant.

Resources available through the Office of Fellowships include:

Understanding that finances have a considerable impact on your physical and emotional well-being, Thrive Center has built a robust initiative that will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently manage your finances during college and beyond.

Services include:

  • Teach and share: Peer Educator created and led financial topic presentations that have attendees participate in discussions collectively. Financial knowledge shared and financial knowledge gained.
  • One-on-Ones: You can meet individually with Peer Educators, our Graduate Assistant, and/or the Financial Wellness Coordinator. During these meetings, you are encouraged to share your own financial situation so you can learn about best practices and work through financial options to better understand how to navigate finances as a whole.