International Student Services (ISS) provides 3rd-party deferred billing services for sponsored students and will invoice your Sponsor directly for your tuition, mandatory fees and other expenses in accordance with the terms of your sponsor’s letter of financial guarantee.

In order for ISS to invoice your Sponsor, the following must be on file with ISS:


Your University of Arizona Bursar Account (Student Account)

As a UA student, you are ultimately responsible for charges to your UA Bursar account. Your Sponsor does not get billed for all charges to your Bursar account, so please remember to monitor your account regularly via UAccess, and to pay on time amounts due that are your personal responsibility.

For any questions or concerns about charges on your Bursar account, especially charges which you think should have been invoiced to your Sponsor, please contact the ISS Sponsored Programs Coordinator via email at or by telephone at 520-626-8182.