Special Considerations for Sponsored Students

Maintain Full-Time Status

Make sure that you are fully registered and meeting the immigration requirements. Your Sponsor, however, may require that you enroll for MORE than the minimum number of hours required under immigration regulations. Concurrent enrollment at Pima Community College for undergraduate students requires Sponsor approval.

Online Courses

Most Sponsors do not allow and will not pay for courses that are taught online. Additionally, immigration requirements limit the number of online courses a student may take during a semester. Check with ISS before enrolling in online courses.

Summer & Winter Sessions

Sponsor payment for Summer Session (May-August) classes and Winter Session (December-January) classes varies depending on your sponsoring agency, so be sure to discuss your eligibility to enroll in Winter and/or Summer courses with ISS well in advance of the beginning of these sessions. A valid financial guarantee must be on file to bill your Sponsor for classes taken during these sessions.