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Bringing your spouse or children to the United States is a huge undertaking, and it is important to connect to your community here. There are programs and services that are free to members of the community you can take advantage of with your family.

University of Arizona Events

ISS Programs and Events

ISS offers a number of social events, both free and low cost, throughout the semester that are open not just to students, but also families.

Master Calendar

The University of Arizona Master Calendar includes public events from performances and lectures to athletic competitions that you and your family may enjoy attending.

Community Resources


Pima County includes a vast network of free public libraries where you can sign up to check out books for free, use the library space for internet or quiet reading, or attend free community events hosted by the library. You can also use your library card to check out eBooks to read on a phone or tablet.


There are many free public parks and community centers you and your family can visit while in Tucson. There are also county-run pools and splash pads that offer recreational swimming, as well as classes and activities for a low cost.

Recreation Centers and Programs

Pima County Community Centers offer free and reduced cost activities and facilities for recreation, as well as pre-school, youth and teen programs.


#ThisIsTucson is a great online resource for finding out what’s going on in the community, getting recommendations, and learning interesting things about the city.