2023-2024 Arizona Global Ambassadors

GA 2023-24

Aisha Aisha

Degree: Chemical Engineering (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Jigsaw puzzles, board/video games, listening to music

Hometown: Dubai

Home Country: UAE

Favorite place on campus: McClelland Hall, BIO5 area

Favorite thing about Tucson: The natural landscape, the food

Favorite UA Resource: LifeLab

Ali Ali

Degree: Accounting (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Concerts, hiking, reading

Hometown: Indianola, Iowa

Home Country: United States

Favorite place on campus: Turtle pond

Favorite thing about Tucson: The community, the food

Favorite UA Resource: Campus Rec

Amy Amy (Senior GA)

Degree: Neuroscience (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Gym, playing guitar, music

Hometown: Xi'an

Home Country: China

Favorite place on campus: Turtle pond, science-engineering library

Favorite thing about Tucson: The sunsets

Favorite UA Resource: Campus Rec, think tank

Aunita Aunita

Degree: Bioinformatics (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Writing poetry, running, reading, music

Hometown: N/A

Home Country: Iran

Favorite place on campus: East of UA mall, after the optics building

Favorite thing about Tucson: University of Arizona

Favorite UA Resource: The main library

Jen Jen

Degree: German Studies (Graduate)

Hobbies: Road trips, board games, guitar, hiking

Hometown: Harare

Home Country: Zimbabwe

Favorite place on campus: The slopping hill/grassy area in front of the Administration Building, facing the UA mall.

Favorite thing about Tucson: The beautiful Tucson sky, sunrise and sunset

Favorite UA Resource: UA library, campus pantry

Lucia Lucia

Degree: Teaching English as a Second Language (Graduate)

Hobbies: Yoga, jogging, hiking

Hometown: Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

Home Country: Mexico

Favorite place on campus: UA mall

Favorite thing about Tucson: The mountains

Favorite UA Resource: CAPS, food pantry

Nguyen Nguyen

Degree: Food Safety (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Cooking, going out with friends

Hometown: Saigon

Home Country: Vietnam

Favorite place on campus: ENR2, science-engineering library

Favorite thing about Tucson: Local restaurants

Favorite UA Resource: Campus Pantry, the writing center

Osamah Osamah (Senior GA)

Degree: Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Soccer, volleyball, hiking, playing the yo-yo

Hometown: Hadarmout

Home Country: Yemen

Favorite place on campus: Campus Rec

Favorite thing about Tucson: Mountains, outdoor activities

Favorite UA Resource: Think Tank

Raj Raj

Degree: Finance & MIS (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Watching sports, music, traveling

Hometown: New Delhi

Home Country: India

Favorite place on campus: Old Main Building

Favorite thing about Tucson: The food

Favorite UA Resource: Campus Rec

Soltane Soltane

Degree: Software Engineering (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Hiking, socializing, working out, piano

Hometown: Tunis

Home Country: Tunisia

Favorite place on campus: Bear down building, the north rec

Favorite thing about Tucson: The weather, sunshine

Favorite UA Resource: The rec centers

Souhayla Souhayla

Degree: Architecture (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Reading, watching shows, playing the piano, playing board games

Hometown: Cairo

Home Country: Egypt

Favorite place on campus: ENR2

Favorite thing about Tucson: Mountains, quiet atmosphere

Favorite UA Resource: Library, campus pantry

Tala Tala

Degree: Aerospace Engineering (Undergraduate)

Hobbies: Fencing

Hometown: N/A

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Favorite place on campus: Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library

Favorite thing about Tucson: Mountains, lakes

Favorite UA Resource: AME Department