2022-2023 Arizona Global Ambassadors

GA 2022-23

Amy Amy

Hometown: Xi'an, China

Degree: Undergraduate studying Psychological Sciences and Neuroscience

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, learning magic tricks using playing cards, playing basketball

Favorite Place on Campus: The turtle pond

Favorite Thing About Tucson: The clear sky during the day and night.

Favorite Campus Resource: The UA Rec Center and ThinkTank

Aunita Aunita

Hometown: Esfahan, Iran

Degree: Undergraduate studying Biology (Biomedical Sciences Emphasis)

Hobbies: Writing poetry, reading, running, riding bicycle, singing, listening to rock music and watching a medical show called House.

Favorite Place on Campus: UA Mall

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Winter weather, downtown restaurants and my amazing Tucsonian friends.

Favorite Campus Resource: Faculty and senior students.

Dennis Dennis (Senior GA)

Hometown: China, Quan Zhou

Degree: Undergraduate studying Film and Television

Hobbies: Basketball/video making/running

Favorite Place on Campus: Main Library

Favorite Thing About Tucson: People

Favorite Campus Resource: Gear to Go

Diana Diana

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Degree: Graduate studying Russian and East European Studies

Hobbies: Linguistics, anthropology, cultural studies, folklore, teaching

Favorite Place on Campus: Libraries

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Vibrant atmosphere

Favorite Campus Resource: Library and learning spaces

Eugenie Eugenie (Senior GA)

Hometown: Aix-en-Provence, France

Degree: Undergraduate studying Nursing

Hobbies: Traveling, trying new foods, learning new languages

Favorite Place on Campus: HSIB

Favorite Thing About Tucson: The weather

Favorite Campus Resource: Campus pantry

Harry Harry

Hometown: Vung Tau, Vietnam

Degree: Undergraduate studying Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hobbies: Music, hiking, gym

Favorite Place on Campus: Turtle pond

Favorite Thing About Tucson: The weather

Favorite Campus Resource: Campus Recreation

Hina Hina

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Degree: Undergraduate studying Physics and Astronomy

Hobbies: Music production, coding

Favorite Place on Campus: Steward Observatory

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Night sky!

Favorite Campus Resource: Free technology rentals

Nguyen Nguyen

Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam

Degree: Undergraduate studying Food Safety

Hobbies: Cooking, hanging out and trying new food

Favorite Place on Campus: ENR2 and Science - Engineering Library

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Food and festivals (especially Tucson Meet Yourself)

Favorite Campus Resource: Campus Pantry and the Writing Center

Osama Osama

Hometown: Hadramout, Yemen

Degree: Undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: Soccer, working out, going out

Favorite Place on Campus: The Mall

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Hiking

Favorite Campus Resource: ThinkTank

Shifat Shifat (Senior GA)

Hometown: Tucson, Bangladesh

Degree: Undergraduate studying Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hobbies: Board games, Video games, playing guitar, painting, and annoying my brothers

Favorite Place on Campus: ENR2, Turtle Pond, Global Center

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Weather, mountains, and people

Favorite Campus Resource: Library technology borrow system and Campus Pantry

Souhayla Souhayla

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Degree: Undergraduate studying Architecture

Hobbies: Reading, playing the piano, and binge-watching TV shows

Favorite Place on Campus: Highland Bowl

Favorite Thing About Tucson: I love that it's a smaller quieter city with great weather most of the year.

Favorite Campus Resource: UA Libraries and Arizona International

Tala Tala

Hometown: Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

Degree: Undergraduate studying Aerospace Engineering

Hobbies: Fencing, running

Favorite Place on Campus: Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Mountains and lakes

Favorite Campus Resource: AME Department

Zain Zain

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Degree: Undergraduate studying Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hobbies: Reading, Basketball, Music, Cooking, TV, Gaming

Favorite Place on Campus: The Mall

Favorite Thing About Tucson: Food variety

Favorite Campus Resource: Arizona International, Housing, Library