International Student Advisory Council 2022-2023


The Council provides feedback and recommendations to International Student Services and other campus units to assist the University of Arizona in setting the standard for an international university in the digital age. Members of the ISAC contribute to unparalleled student support by serving as advocates for the international student community and contributing to effective international engagement.


Members of the ISAC are a diverse group of students representing a wide range of colleges, education levels, and nations of origin who are prepared to think critically about issues affecting the broader international community.


Members of the ISAC are expected to inform practices on campus that are designed to promote international student engagement and satisfaction.

Adeline Tai Adeline Tai

Adeline Tai is an international student from Hong Kong. She is currently a sophomore majoring in Optical Sciences & Engineering. As someone who had experienced culture shock and homesickness when she first came to the States, she wants to support other international students who are facing similar struggles. She decided to join ISAC because she wants to make international students feel included and help them adjust to a new environment.

Aniqa Shah Aniqa Shah

Aniqa Shah, from Pakistan, is a 3rd year PhD student at the College of Education. She firmly believes in the idea of student government and is very convinced that students’ understanding of the challenges of their fellow students is a lot better than that of the people at the helms. She is a strong advocate for students supporting each other and her motivation to join ISAC rests in a strong desire to contribute to this advocacy. She is eager to play her part as a student representative - to monitor, give voice to and seek solutions for international students’ struggles and needs. She is a big movie junkie and TV is her go-to stress reliever.

Duo Bao
Edozie Ndulue Edozie Ndulue

My name is Edozie Ndulue, I am Nigerian. I am a transfer, International student. I am a pre business sophomore student at the Eller college. I decided to join the ISAC because I think it’s important that international students feel welcomed and at home even though we’re away from home. I hope our council makes ‘home away from home’ a reality. Fun fact is I ran track for about 6 years.

Emre  Devrim Emre Devrim

Emre is a junior mechanical engineering student from Turkey. He has a great network around campus from greek life to sports clubs, from transfer student center to CAPS. He finds solutions to problems, and uses his network to affect change. He is patient, proactive and talkative which helps ISAC to accomplish its goals.

Faqryza Ab Latif Faqryza Ab Latif

Faqryza Ab Latif is a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Arizona. As an international student hailing from Malaysia, her academic interests focus on the experiences of international students, including the sociocultural barriers they face. Her Master’s thesis centered around international students’ existential isolation and how it affects their sociocultural adjustment. In addition to teaching a course on human development, Faqryza is involved in the National Summer Undergraduate Research Project (NSURP), which provides remote summer research opportunities for underserved students in STEM fields. Other research interests include inclusive teaching practices in higher education and minoritized teacher identities. In her free time, Faqryza enjoys reading, watching shows, and travelling.

Liane Pinto Liane Pinto

Liane Pinto is a Clinical Translational Science 4th-year PhD student with a minor in Cancer Biology. She was born and raised in Brazil. She went to high school and undergrad studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She completed her master’s degree in Cancer Science at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and a Palliative Care fellowship in Barcelona, Spain. As a result of this past exposure to different cultures and experiences , she is delighted to be part of the International Student Advisory Council (ISAC) where she wants to support the University of Arizona International Student Community in local adjustments, smooth transitioning and settlement into the UA and Tucsonian Community. She also wants to give voice to any difficulties of the international community on campus/out of campus and open the possibility to seek solutions and improvements to the past and present issues faced by her fellow international students and their families. In her spare time, Liane likes to be with her daughter and husband and to read local, national and diversified international News.

Lorraine Simone Turpault d'Huvé Lorraine Simone Turpault d'Huvé

Lorraine is a second-year graduate student in the French Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition & Teaching M.A. program at UA. She’s complementing her degree with a certificate in Language Program Administration and hopes to continue her studies with a PhD in Applied Linguistics next year. She also teaches French on campus at different levels and co-coordinates the French BASIC program this year.


As an international student from Paris, France, for the third year, Lorraine is well versed in all issues affecting international students on campus. As a member of ISAC, she hopes to leverage her experiences and motivation to improve the ISS community at all levels. Apart from that, Lorraine loves fashion and running in bad weather!

Headshot ISAC Member Maritza Maritza M. Marquez Olague

Maritza is a PhD. student from the program Educational Leadership & Policy with a minor in Higher Education. She is an international student from the border of Mexico which gives her a deep understanding of border practices. As a collaborator of ISAC, she will support and advocate for the international students’ community with the goal to humanize immigration practices, by creating networks in and out campus with educational leaders and engaging in necessary conversations to generate change. At the University of Arizona Maritza is also a member of the Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board for the 2021-2022 school year, EDLP coordinator of undergraduate courses and member of TAMP Teaching Assistant’s Mentorship Panel. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, swim and be with friends.

Prajakta Tambe Prajakta Tambe

I’m Prajakta Tambe. I am a graduate student getting my dual degree in MBA and MS in Management Information Systems from Eller College of Management. I come from India and have been in the United States for over a year now. As an international student, I had to go through a lot of hurdles to establish my life, both personal and professional, anew in Tucson. As a member of ISAC, I want to put forward the shortcomings that international students face and how we can address them. Also, I plan to bring to the surface issues about employment for international students. Not to mention the cultural diversity on campus. I think it is necessary to increase awareness on campus about various cultural festivals so that international students feel close to home.

Sanho Chung Sanho Chung

Sanho is a 4th year PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics at the School of Government and Public Policy. As an international student from Hong Kong, he also serves as the President of Hong Kong Student Association at the University of Arizona. Beyond working, he enjoys watching soccer games and movies, and checking out international cuisines.