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If you want to talk to someone about how to choose a program, you can come to drop-in advising with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor. No need for an appointment!

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Help With Applying to a Specific Program

If you are interested in a specific program but don't know who to contact, you can schedule an appointment with the appropriate coordinator by clicking on the "Meet Advisor" button on your program's web page. If you know who to contact for your program, you can find their info below.

Coordinators Programs Schedule a Meeting
Sam Cox 
(520) 621-5633
Germany and Italy (except Orvieto)
Central Asia (Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan)
Honors Programs
Schedule with Sam
Nicole Staab 
(520) 626-6260
Schedule with Nicole
Michelle Anderson
(520) 626-6120
UA Barcelona (semester)
Schedule with Michelle
Amy Chenail
(520) 621-7180
Africa and Middle East Schedule with Amy
Dafne Johnson
(520) 621-0785
Arizona in Orvieto
Schedule with Dafne
Vasilis Kokkinos | Βασίλης Κόκκινος
(520) 621-3930
Australia & New Zealand
CAPLA Abroad
UA Barcelona (summer)
Schedule with Vasilis
David Wray
(520) 626-4966
Latin America
Spain (UA Madrid, UA Tarragona, Arizona in Alcalá de Henares, Arizona in Valladolid, and Global MedCats)
Schedule with David