Study Abroad Introduces the Gilman Application Award

Sept. 22, 2022

This year, Study Abroad is offering a new opportunity for students to fund their experience abroad with the Gilman Application Award. This new award will offer $500 to all eligible students who apply for the nationwide Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and commit to a Study Abroad program, whether or not they are selected to receive the national scholarship. In order to be eligible for both the national Gilman Scholarship and University of Arizona’s Gilman Application Award, students must qualify to receive a Pell Grant and complete an essay-based application focused on their goals abroad and their plans to implement a Service Project promoting cultural understanding and exchange upon their return home.

By creating this new opportunity, UArizona Study Abroad aims to:

  • Embolden students to take the crucial first step of applying to study abroad programs and promote awareness that studying abroad is achievable. 
  • Increase access to study abroad and diversify student population on UArizona Study Abroad programs in line with Gilman’s mission and values. 
  • Address the financial anxiety and uncertainty students face when planning and preparing to study abroad by encouraging proactive financial preparedness.  
  • Empower students with tools, resources, and skills to help them find and successfully apply to competitive study abroad scholarships beyond Gilman.  
  • Acknowledge the value of the educational experience and reflection process involved in applying to competitive scholarships. 
  • Honor the effort, time, and initiative of students who apply to nationally competitive study abroad scholarships.  
  • Improve the University of Arizona’s ranking as a national Gilman Scholar top producer. Currently, the U of A is ranked #5 amongst large institutions.  


“This is a really exciting opportunity, and I hope that this is encouraging and further empowers students and makes them excited to apply for the Gilman Scholarship. It’s important to know that this is an achievable goal of studying abroad and also an achievable scholarship.”

- Dafne Romero Johnson, Program Manager – Study Abroad Programs

For application information and requirements, refer to the Arizona International Study Abroad Scholarships tab housed on, or connect with Dafne Romero Johnson at