Honors First Study Abroad Experience: Greece

Program Facts

Program Type: UA Faculty-led

Credit Type: UA Direct Credit

Level of Study: Undergraduate


Class Eligibility: Freshman

Language of Instruction: English

Program Open To: UA Students

Explore Honors First Study Abroad Experience: Greece

Tentative Dates for Summer 2024 - June 3 to July 3 (Online courses from June 3-June 9; Abroad dates are June 10-July 3)

Please do not purchase plane tickets until you have received instructions from Study Abroad.

The Honors First Study Abroad Experience trip is an unforgettable experience to go abroad while earning 6 units of Honors General Education credits early in your collegiate career. The trip curriculum and assignments will be based on the national Honors Colleges' “City as Text” curriculum: immersive, experiential, and hands-on learning that enables students to generate, analyze, and assimilate the cultural and academic material they encounter. Students can choose from two great programs for Summer 2024, Greece or Spain and England. Please apply for your first choice trip. Students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Honors First Study Abroad Experience: Greece

Contact Information:

Program and academic information: Prof. Claire McLane (clairemclane@arizona.edu) - Faculty-Lead

Application and application process: Sam Cox (SamCox21@arizona.edu)

Honors credit: contact your Honors academic advisor


Spring 2024 1-Unit Seminar on Main-Campus

Each trip begins with a 1-unit Spring course to prepare you for your study abroad experience. The 1-unit course will count as your W.A. Franke Honors seminar requirement. All committed students will be automatically placed in the 1-unit course when enrollment opens. This course is a requirement of the experience. Students must receive a passing grade to advance to the summer 6-units.

1-Unit Seminar Day/Time: HNRS 195J-005, 7 weeks (2nd session), Wednesdays 10:00-10:50am

1-Unit Seminar Topic: 

The 1-unit course in the Spring will be devoted to preparation for our summer journey. Our time during the Spring will be devoted to getting to know each other and beginning our readings and discussions on Classical Greek myths and the contemporary retellings of these ancient stories. We will begin to practice place-based writing and learn about the regional geography, history, flora, and fauna of the locations we will visit in Greece through a variety of creative writing prompts and short readings.

Summer 2024 (tentative dates June 3-July 3) 6 units abroad:

In these courses, we will explore ancient Greek myths in translation while simultaneously reading contemporary retellings of these same stories. By melding creative writing, classical myth, ecology, queer theory, feminism, elements of narrative medicine, and notions of reclamation with daily sense of place exercises and practices, we will explore our own identities and histories and write our own mythologies. Each location we visit in Greece will inform and expand our understanding of the power of place to the creation of myth and how we, as humans, express both personal and cultural identity through story-telling. We will no longer have to imagine the way the wind smells on Circe’s island or how the Mediterranean Sea sparkles from the viewpoint of Poseidon’s temple on Cape Sounion, or how a goat bell may sound near the temple of Delphi. We will be there experiencing it and translating our sensory experiences into our writing.

Assignments: Along with producing a portfolio of original creative writing informed by craft lessons and a critical approach, we will incorporate visual art such as drawing, photography, video collage, and audio recordings as a way to deepen our understanding of narrative expression and multi-media documentary approaches.

All students will earn 6 units of Honors general education credit by participating in this program in the following:

HNRS 222 – Explorations in Creative Writing

Exploring Perspectives, Artist

Part critical studies and part workshop, this class will engage students in introductory creative writing craft techniques. We will be working mostly in the genres of poetry and fiction, but will also explore elements of creative non-fiction, and hybrid genres. Through close reading, discussion, generative exercises, and engagement with campus resources, students will create and revise their own original work, and engage in constructive peer workshops.

HNRS 208H – Topics in Analytical Thinking and Writing

Building Connections

Students will read and view cultural artifacts in a wide variety of genres, including literature, film, drama, poetry, nonfiction and others. In-class time will be devoted to extended close discussion of these works, and in particular in working through problems in the critical analysis of them.

We will travel to sites throughout Central Greece and the Cycladic Islands that are the birthplace and stomping grounds of ancient Greek gods and goddesses. In addition to visiting the traditional awe-inspiring places in Athens such as the Acropolis and Parthenon, we will also explore more off-the-beaten-path spots, such as the Hill of the Nymphs where we will look for Pan in his sanctuary, or Philoppapos Hill where we will learn about Arachne, who boasted she could weave better than Athena. The National Gardens will give us some respite from the hustle of the city and we will spend time writing amidst urban nature and the nymphs and spirits said to live there still. We will make the pilgrimage to Delphi which was considered the center of the classical ancient world and walk the temples of Apollo and Athena while learning about the power of the oracle Pythia.

In addition to time in Athens and neighboring areas, we will stay on the Greek islands of Crete and Naxos. In Crete, we will visit the labyrinth built for the Minotaur at the palace of Knossos as well as Mt. Ida where we will peer into the cave of Dikteo Andro which is said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Other daily excursions and activities may include visits to small villages, historic neighborhoods, rivers, forests, beaches, and other ancient sites where we will practice our sense of place exercises and writing projects, and perhaps take a local cooking or craft artisan class!


Good To Know

LGBTQ+ Equality Index rating: Greece rates 61/100 (with 100 being the most equal) on Equaldex’s LGBTQ+ Equality Index.

Global Peace Index rating: Greece ranks 60/163 in the Global Peace Index. The lower the score, the more peaceful the country.

Language Spoken: Greek 99% (official), English, French

Students will either stay in fully equipped multi-bedroom apartments or in twin/triple occupancy hotel rooms.

Application Instructions

The deadline to apply for this program is February 5th. Scroll down and select the "Apply Now" red button. To continue working on your application, click on "Continue Existing Application" red button or click on the UAbroad Login button on the top right hand corner of the page.

Financial Information & Scholarships

Please visit this LINK for more information on billing/withdrawal policies, Study Abroad scholarships through our office, other Scholarship Opportunities, and Financial Aid. Students are also encouraged to check their specific college and department websites for funding opportunities.

Honors Trip Scholarship

The W.A. Franke Honors College offers scholarships especially for the Honors First Study Abroad Experience programs. The application through Scholarship Universe NOW OPEN. The deadline is February 15th. Students will be notified by February 23rd.

Term: Summer
Application Deadline: February 5
Start Date: June 10
End Date: July 3

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