Flora Lau

Admissions Evaluator

Flora Lau

Admissions Evaluator

I am from Hong Kong, and we love traveling! I am easy going and I love meeting people from different cultures. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and English. I learnt a bit of Korean and French in school, and I am planning to learn Japanese now. If you can speak another language, please reach out and be friends! I can share all the good things about coming to UArizona!

My favorite thing about UArizona

My favorite thing about UArizona is the people. From our janitors, to students, to faculty and staff, they are what make our school the best and beautiful! My child loves the “giant sandpit” (aka outdoor volleyball court) the most, and sometimes I see local people enjoying campus environment and that is very heart warming.

My recommendations for places international students should explore in Tucson

If you are new to Tucson, definitely come explore our campus and what we offer to students. Going up on mountains for a hike/ camping trip is also fun. Our downtown is cute and sometimes there are festivals and events happening there and on campus. I love farmer’s markets and supporting local businesses!

My top tip for success at a U.S. university

If you are looking for a rich and successful journey as an international student here, I would suggest getting engaged and involved in the community, be it on campus and/or off campus. Get connected with other students here and get some volunteering, work, internships experience. All of our departments are here support all of you!


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