Wildcat Voices: Tina

Nov. 1, 2023
Tina, a Ph.D. student from Nigeria at the College of Public Health, laughs with a professor.

This episode of Wildcat Voices features Tina, an international student from Nigeria, who is pursuing her Ph.D. in environmental health sciences at the University of Arizona. Tina chose to join UArizona after exploring the University's extensive research in environmental health, and following the encouragement of her mentor, Dr. Paloma Beamer.

“[Dr. Beamer] pushed me to want to do more. Even before I got my admission, I told her what my research interest was and she encouraged me to do a pilot study in Nigeria,” said Tina. “To go to an industrial area and do a small, two-week air pollution study, which I did, and I presented in the lab virtually. That got me interested.”

Now, Tina hopes to use her research on air pollution to address health inequities worldwide. She currently uses real-time mapping of fine particles to see how they directly impact public health. After her studies, she hopes to return to Nigeria and make a difference. "I can help them see what they are exposed to in real-time. That can impact how they go about their daily activities." 

Learn more about Tina’s research and how her mentor has helped shape her educational journey in this video episode of Wildcat Voices.