Wildcat Voices: Harry

Aug. 30, 2023
UArizona pharmaceutical sciences student, Harry

Our most recent episode of Wildcat Voices features Harry, an international student from Vietnam pursuing his degree in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Arizona. In high school, Harry realized that enjoyed the hands-on nature of chemistry and decided that he wanted to pursue an affordable higher education degree where he could continue to use his chemistry knowledge. This led him to pharmaceutical sciences and UArizona.

“I researched the best pharmacy schools in America and the U of A is a high-ranked school,” he said. “I realized that they had a lot of financial aid and scholarships for undergraduate students, especially for international students.”  

From a young age, Harry’s parents instilled in him the desire to make an impact on the world and make others’ lives better. He hopes to apply his chemistry knowledge to help people.

“Pharmacy is a very good combination of chemistry knowledge and helping patients,” said Harry. “That’s the two basic principles of being a pharmacist.”   

As an undergrad research assistant, Harry developed a foundation of skills for his future. According to Harry, working in research taught him how to be organized, avoid bacteria, and be meticulous about materials. Now, Harry has his sights set on a doctoral pharmacy degree and residency before ultimately obtaining a job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about Harry, including why he thinks UArizona is an oasis and why he finds chemistry so compelling. Watch and listen to Harry’s Wildcat Voices episode.