Wildcat Voices: Featuring Selina and Zhuo

June 26, 2023

In this latest episode of Wildcat Voices, we sit down with Selina and Zhuo, two international students from China who are working towards their degrees in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

Selina is studying management information systems, and she enjoys the sense of community she has found at UArizona. At Eller, her coursework centers around teamwork and solving real-world logistical problems with innovation and communication. Outside the classroom, Selina found friends with similar interests when she joined the Eller College Chinese Student Council. Being able to have time with her friends, away from her studies, has been an invaluable part of her college experience.

“The University of Arizona is different from other universities,” Selina said. “When I study here, I can have a nice balance of academic and personal life.”   

Zhuo, an accounting major, has not only formed a diverse group of friends on campus but has also found a supportive academic community at UArizona. While taking an introduction to accounting course, he discovered that he was more interested in accounting than his current major. With the help of the professor, Zhuo was able to follow his passion and become an accounting major. The Eller faculty and staff have been a valuable resource as he prepares for his career.

According to Zhou, “All the curriculum, all the classes I have taken, are real training sessions that will get you ready for a workplace in the future.”

Hear more about Selina and Zhuo’s experiences at UArizona in their own words. Watch their Wildcat Voices episode.