Uninest Japan is Latest Addition to the University of Arizona Global Microcampus Network

Sept. 2, 2020

A new kind of partnership adds purpose-built student accommodations as one of many ways to pursue a U.S. degree from UArizona.


University of Arizona Global is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Uninest GK, a student housing company located in Tokyo, Japan, giving students access to UArizona undergraduate, graduate, and customized degree programs. Through this Global Student Accommodation arrangement, students residing in Uninest housing can pursue a University of Arizona degree without leaving the country.

If you’re following news about trends in higher education, you may have read this piece in The New York Times, by Taylor Lorenz, that refers to off-campus and “collab houses,” where students live and study in group organize housing, in an effort to create a college-like living environment. In a time when many campuses are closed and classes are online-only, this may be as close as they can come to the independent living experience for now.

The title of the NYT piece, “College is Everywhere Now,” brings home what UA Vice Provost of Global Affairs Brent White has been saying for several years, and what inspired our more recent and accelerated launching of new Global Microcampus Locations around the world, as he expressed in this 2017 piece from Inside Higher Ed, and more recently in this piece in University World News.

White explains: “In a traditional mobility world, students are faced with the difficult choice of whether to leave home and when or whether to return. In a post-mobility world, students would not need to commit to a single geographic location and could also pursue an international education at home or elsewhere. Furthermore, from a post-mobility perspective, knowledge transfer is unbound from physical location and learning becomes re-situated when possible in the home country.”

“The events that caused the current situation in international education have hastened the dawn of a new post-mobility world in which physical travel is unnecessary for the creation and transmission of knowledge across borders,” says Brent White, vice provost of global affairs at Arizona.

The idea that education can be accessed from anywhere, and that a university can be everywhere, is also reflected in the way we named our Global locations website, everywhere.arizona.edu, and in how we market our programs: We Are Everywhere You Are.

Uninest Hajusan House Video UArizona Global Microcampus Network

Given travel restrictions, school delays and visa moratoriums, the University of Arizona has already created Global Microcampus Network locations in 150+ cities around the world, with flexible, affordable options that allow international students to earn a full U.S. degree, or U.S. transfer credits.

Through the unique partnership with Uninest, students in Tokyo can become part of a University of Arizona degree program while residing in Uninest student housing. The first of these houses, Hakusan House, is featured in this video, created on Tabippo, a digital platform used primarily by university students and young professionals with a global perspective, which introduces the UArizona-Uninest collaboration.

A young Japanese social media influencer, Kutsuzawa, shares more details in this Q/A article by freelance writer, Misaki Ito, about studying with the University of Arizona while living in Hakusan House, and explains the collaboration even further. (hint: use the translate function in your browser to see an English language version)

Uninest link to Kutsuzawa QA blog post

Uninest provides students with leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art security, social events and extra-curricular activities, as well as a sense of community and a college-like living experience.

Participating students can embark on a customized degree path to complete a full U.S. undergraduate degree, graduate degree or graduate certificate online, in courses that prepare them for virtually any major and for eventual study in the U.S., should they wish to do so.

The University of Arizona will offer scholarships to students who reside in Uninest housing and who enroll as University of Arizona students while living there.

“Almost overnight, as courses have transitioned to online, and international students are continuing to study while remaining safe at home in their own countries, we believe that adding student accommodations to our Global Microcampus Network brings opportunity and promise to greater numbers of students around the world,” says Stephanie Adamson, assistant dean of global admissions and enrollment at the University of Arizona.

“We believe that adding student accommodations to our Global Microcampus Network brings opportunity and promise to greater numbers of students around the world.” says Stephanie Adamson, assistant dean of global admissions and enrollment at the University of Arizona.

Learn more about University of Arizona Global Microcampus Locations at everywhere.arizona.edu.

Uninest is setting the new standard in Japan, one that strives to impact a student’s journey by offering a place to make lasting memories and life-long friendships in one of the most culturally-fascinating countries in the world. Uninest sets a new standard of student accommodations with comfortable, sleek, affordable, and secure student housing offerings.