Microcampus Students Celebrate Graduation with Friends and Family

May 16, 2024
UA Phnom Penh students at the graduation ceremony in Tucson, AZ

Last week microcampus students from around the world gathered with their loved ones at the Univerisity of Arizona main campus to celebrate their graduation. Among them were students from Sampoerna University in Jakarta, Indonesia, American University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Jordan, and La Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru.

Tepnimith Kem, a dual degree student majoring in Law from AUPP and UArizona, was joined by his family from Cambodia. Overwhelmed with pride, Tepnimith's father, Mr.Kem expressed his joy, saying, "This is my family's first time visiting America, and it was made possible by my son. I am so proud of him."

Mohammad Yousef Hamza also joined the main campus festivities, traveling to Tucson from Amman, Jordan, he completed his graduate degree in Engineering Management at UA Amman, a microcampus location at Princess Sumaya University of Technology. When asked about his journey, Mohammad's said, “Being a part of the graduation celebrations on the main campus have deepened my connection and commitment to this esteemed institution," said Mohammad.

The week-long celebration marked a significant milestone for these students, who not only earned one but two degrees, showcasing their dedication to academic excellence and their ability to thrive in a diverse and challenging educational environment.

We extend our sincere congratulations to all of our microcampus graduates.