Graduating dual degree senior shares his UArizona experience

April 2, 2024
Study Arizona student Quan Minh Le sitting outside on campus.

To highlight some of the amazing works of Study Arizona and microcampus students on the University of Arizona campus, the Arizona International Student Engagement team is hosting a series of Zoom interviews that can be viewed worldwide.

The first interview featured former Study Arizona student, Gisella Karina Emaputri from Indonesia. Gisella shared how she successfully manages her time among these diverse commitments while being a full-time microcampus student. 

For the first interview, Program Manager for South and Southeast Asia Amanada Agate-Delco sat down with Quan Minh Le - Nick, a dual degree Study Arizona student who will be graduating this semester with his Bachelor of Arts in Law from Arizona and a Bachelor of Laws from Hanoi Law University (HLU) in Vietnam. As a dual degree student, Nick took advantage of the opportunity to come to the UArizona main campus in Tucson and have the Study Arizona experience, which is a semester at the main campus, taking courses in person during the spring, summer or fall semesters.

Nick and Amanda discussed a variety of topics including the differences between studying at HLU and here at UArizona, Nick’s favorite foods, and how he plans his day. According to Nick, living in the dorms on campus in Tucson has been a great experience.

“Sometimes they have free food or events,” he said. “You can go there and chitchat and people are making new friends and learning more about America in general.”

Nick enjoys being on campus and in addition to attending classes, he spends time at the gym and exploring UArizona. He feels his time in Tucson has been life-changing.

“I think being a student at Arizona has allowed me to improve my English skills tremendously,” Nick said. “I can talk with you in English, with everybody, every day – twenty-four seven. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the US, a place I always wanted to visit.” 

In addition to answering questions from Amanda, Nick also answered questions from other participants on Zoom, including requests for more details on roommate matching and his favorite place on campus. Nick ended the interview with some advice for any students thinking about Study Arizona:

“Don’t be afraid. The environment is in the program is very friendly. You’re going to have people around for you if you have a question or a problem. And it’s very exciting to study in this program!” 

To join the next Microcampus Student Interview via Zoom, visit the Arizona International Calendar.