English Combines It All

April 18, 2022

International Admissions Unibuddy Ambassador talks about the advantages of pursuing a degree in English



Why obtain a degree in English?

A degree in English means learning about the linguistics of how English grammatically and rhetorically functions. The University of Arizona offers a variety of classes and coursework to feed your designated interest regarding anything English related, such as poetry, creative writing, and technical applications of English!

I'm Melissa, and I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona, majoring in English. I am a Unibuddy Ambassador on the International Admissions team at everywhere.arizona.edu. I am born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and I am really passionate about becoming a teacher and moving out of the U.S. to pursue my career.

As an English major, I have taken all sorts of courses, from Anglo-Saxon English to the archival system and the usage of it within libraries and institutions. I have also been able to expand my understanding of linguistics, which aided me in interpreting different genres of literature. My favorite elective thus far is Women in Russian Literature; a class designed to combine gender studies into English rhetoric. Not only do these classes surround discussion-based interactions where you can hear from your peers and talk about your own beliefs, but also lectures that will captivate you and open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

With a diverse population of students and faculty, the English department accommodates all areas of interest. Receiving your bachelor’s degree in English provides great opportunities such as self publishing or even public relations. It is also a steppingstone for anyone who wishes to further their education.

Lots of students find it helpful to supplement their major with a minor in English! College is all about broadening your mindset and taking courses that inspire you to understand the world around you. The classes within the English department do just that! From reading, to listening, to writing you are certain to gain more insight of your peers and of yourself.

I know what you’re thinking, English is just reading Shakespeare and writing endless pages; however, while there is reading and writing involved, the courses surround intriguing literature will make you hesitant to put your books down. Literature surrounding social justice, LGBTQIA+, race, gender studies, and politics will definitely find their way into your courses. By gaining knowledge that surrounds these issues, you will be better equipped to interact with the world around. In a world where we are all trying to connect and understand one another, allow English to guide you.

Melissa's Unibuddy Ambassador Profile

Melissa is a sophomore from Tucson, Arizona, USA, so she can answer a lot of your questions about living in Tucson. She speaks English. Her hobbies and interests range from politics, gender & feminism to writing and fashion. Melissa's favorite courses are Education and English Linguistics. You can connect and chat with Melissa and other Unibuddy Ambassadors at everywhere.arizona.edu/unibuddy. Follow the Unibuddy Blog here.