Celebrating the Arizona Global Graduating Student Workers

May 17, 2022

Meet Veronica Zhang, graduating International Admissions Student Recruiter.



This May, Arizona Global celebrates and recognizes the contributions of our many graduating student workers. We’re introducing them here over the next few weeks. We appreciate the level of professionalism and Wildcat work ethic these students bring to their respective roles in the business unit. We are proud to call them coworkers and teammates, and we wish them all the greatest success as they take their knowledge and skills out into the world.

Meet Yuqing (Veronica) Zhang, Class of '22 and a Student Worker on the UA International Admissions recruiting team. Veronica has worked for International Admissions for the past year, focusing on recruiting applicants and supporting students from China. Veronica is graduating this May with a BA in Economics and a minor in Japanese.

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Degrees: B.A in Economics, Minor in Japanese, Eller College of Management

We spoke with Veronica to learn more about her experience as a student at the University of Arizona.

UA: Why did you chose to come to the University of Arizona?
One reason I chose to come to the University of Arizona was the weather. With 300+ sunny days, I really wanted to be somewhere with sunshine! I love the environment here. I love to go hiking up on Mt. Lemmon and Sabino Canyon. There is so much to do outdoors. I also chose Arizona because I got a Global Wildcat scholarship that recognizes my academic standing. And a third thing is that I felt like my destiny was to come to Tucson. Several years ago, I read a book that described tall cactus in the desert, and I was very intrigued by it, and in my dream I had the picture of the desert in my mind. And when I got here, I saw that it was exactly what my dream showed me. And a fourth reason was that I read that the University of Arizona is very inclusive and diverse, with over 100 countries represented on campus, and I feel like everyone here is so welcoming.

Veronica stands in front of Old Main and throws her graduation cap in the air

UA: What do you love about your major?
My major is Economics. The reason I chose this major is that my mother became unemployed in the 2008 financial crisis. And the circumstances of my mom made me really think about and wonder how the system in my country works. I realized that I should learn more about economic principles so I could help people in poor conditions be better informed and empower them.

My minor in Japanese comes from my interest in Japanese culture. I am interested in and have taken classes about East Asian cultures and philosophies. I’ve taken several courses about Asian philosophy, like Zen. It’s very interesting to me and I think it is something I can continue to learn about after college.

UA: What are your plans after graduation?
After I graduate, I will pursue a master’s degree to be an accountant or financial analyst so I can use my knowledge and skills to directly help people in specific ways. I would also like to volunteer in non-profit programs that work in the field of climate change.

UA: What do you want to accomplish in your career?
Veronica: What I hope to accomplish is to be a woman leader in business, in finance or accounting. I wish to help local communities gain their power and make services and products available to more people.

UA: How has the University of Arizona helped prepare you for your career goals?
Veronica: I definitely do. My professors and academic advisors gave me many suggestions and advice in applying to graduate programs and in my career direction. I visited during office hours with them and learned a lot about pursuing a career in my areas of interest.

UA: What activities have you been involved in during your four years?
Veronica: I attended the Eller Make a Difference Day to do volunteer activities. I’ve helped with picking up trash at “A” Mountain. We spend half the day collecting trash and it really made me think about ways I can do something to help the environment. I am involved in the many events hosted by ISS where we learned about different cultures, and I participate in the Global Ambassadors coffee hours.

UA: Where have you lived during your time as a student here?
Veronica: As a freshman, I was able to live in Pima Hall. During the Pandemic, international students who stayed in Tucson were moved to the Honors Village, so I lived there for a year. The rooms were spacious and I liked living in a dorm and having a Residential Assistant (RA) to answer questions and be there for us.

Veronica stands in Global Center lobby holding a certificate for her work with intl admissions

UA: What student work or internship positions have you had during your four years here?
Veronica: I have been a student worker for International Admissions for the past year. Most of what I do is “behind the scenes,” writing (in Chinese) for the WeChat account that serves to recruit students in China, and also served to inform current students on campus who speak Chinese. I’ve written articles about the university, about the amenities here, and the opportunities for international students. I wrote an article all about campus dining, featuring the buffets that are on campus, like Pangea, 85 North and Bear Down Kitchen. And I wrote an article about the dorms.

My internship experiences have been in China, usually during summer break. After my freshman year, I had a better understanding about how American universities work, and I got a job as a teacher assistant, teaching English in China to help people improve their TOEFL score to get into a U.S. university. I also had an internship during the pandemic, working for a securities company in China. 

UA: Do you have a favorite classes that you recommend?
Veronica: One of the most interesting courses I took was Labor Economics, ECON 481. I really liked the professor, Daniel Herbst. He talked a lot about how economics can make the world more equal and provide more jobs for the unemployed. For example, during the pandemic, the Gini coefficient - the measure of inequality - has gone up. But there are economic policies that could balance it and provide jobs. I really liked learning about ways that policies can empower local communities.

UA: Do you have a favorite place to eat on or near campus?
Veronica: My favorite place to eat on campus is probably 85 North, in the Honors Village. The buffet is really affordable and there are so many choices, and it is open to everybody on campus. If students want to find good Chinese Sichuan food, we have the Sichuan Kitchen at the Global Center. But there are also so many good places to eat and explore new cuisines.

UA: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?
Veronica: People are very kind and nice and inclusive here. I am an introvert, but I have made so many good friends here. I recommend that students be open minded and be nice and try to talk to people and not be shy. Find a community of peers where you feel you belong. For me it was the Christian Challenge community on campus. And try to find people who can answer your questions and help you. The International Services (ISS) team is always there to support international students. Some quick tips that would go for anyone are to go to class, finish your projects and do your homework. Work hard, and you will succeed!

UA: Can you talk about the Global Center and your work on the International Admissions team?
Veronica: The whole Global Center is a great resource. ISS has helped me with 1-20 and immigration questions – I have often used their quick drop-in link to get advice. And I have really liked working in the Admissions office there. My supervisor, Yan, is very supportive. She helped me learn so much when I started my job, to learn about working in a U.S. environment. We support international admissions, but we also support students from China once they are here on campus.

Veronica stands at dusk facing a beautiful Tucson sunset, raising her right arm to the sky

UA: What are some of your favorite things to do on campus?
Veronica: I love going to Campus Rec. I recommend it to everyone! I always got to the group fitness classes, for Cardio Dance, Zumba and MixedFit. It’s a great thing that more people should do because it is so affordable and fun!

UA: What are some significant memories you will have of your college experience?
Veronica: I think I will always remember walking across campus at night, seeing the sunset and the stars in the sky. I will never forget those moments.