Celebrating the Arizona Global Graduating Student Workers

May 20, 2022

Meet Marian Lizarraga, graduating Student Worker, International Admissions



This May, Arizona Global celebrates and recognizes the contributions of our many graduating student workers. We’re introducing them here over the next few weeks. We appreciate the level of professionalism and Wildcat work ethic these students bring to their respective roles in the business unit. We are proud to call them coworkers and teammates, and we wish them all the greatest success as they take their knowledge and skills out into the world.

Meet Marian Lizarraga, Class of '22 and a Student Recruiter for UA International Admissions. Marian is graduating from Eller College of Management with a BSBA in Business Management.

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona. Originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Degrees: B.S.B.A. in Business Management, Eller College of Management; Minor in Spanish, College of Humanities

We spoke with Marian to learn more about her experience as a student at the University of Arizona.

UA: Why did you chose to come to the University of Arizona?
I grew up in Mexico and in Arizona, and my parents always talked about how great the University of Arizona was, and that I could aspire to go there. We followed Wildcats athletics and went to lots of sporting events. I remember touring the campus and visiting Eller College of Management when I was a senior in high school and thinking how beautiful the campus was that I really wanted to go here.

UA: What do you love about your major?
Marian:My dad is in management, and I became interested through him. I was always interested to understand how his business works. I chose the Spanish minor and had some AP credits, and I think that Spanish will be useful to have in my career. In my major I feel like I’m learning so many useful skills, like negotiation, communications, finance, and skills that will be very useful in my future career.

UA: What are your plans after graduation?
Marian:After graduation, I’ll be going on a service trip to Costa Rica. I am planning to move to Phoenix and am applying for jobs there. I’m interested logistics and tracking, and in human relations and sales.

UA: What do you want to accomplish in your career?
Marian: I really hope in my career that I can find a way to give back, to have a good work-life balance, travel, and do volunteer work, which I’ve always been involved in and is very important to me.

UA: How has the University of Arizona helped prepare you for your career goals?
Marian: I do feel prepared. From my freshman year when I started my first job on campus, I’ve been able to use the resources here to help me find relevant and real-world experiences. I use Handshake – the internship and job finding platform – and that is how I found my internship and the job I currently have. I’ve also learned a lot from the career coaches at Eller. In the Eller College of Management, we have classes for resume building, job search, and interview practices and those have been very helpful. I also used the ThinkTank resources, especially in my first year or two.

UA: What activities have you been involved in during your four years?
Marian: I am currently the Vice President for the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA). It is the longest standing Latino organization with 81,000+ members worldwide and more than 160 student chapters across America. It is the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market. A mission of the club is to find opportunities for Latinos, host speakers, develop resumes, networking, and an annual national conference that is also a great way to make job connections.

I have been part of the Eller Cohort Advisory, a diverse group of Pre-Business and Pre-Economics students, especially first year students, that provides insight and advice to the Eller administration to improve the Pre-Business student experience. I have participated in Eller Make a Difference Day, including volunteering at the Pima animal shelter and cleaning up Reid Park Zoo, as well as other activities. And I’ve also been a preceptor for my MIS class.

UA: Where have you lived during your time as a student here?
Marian: I have lived both on campus and at home in the four years. I liked living on campus, but I also like being with family, and watching my little brother grow up. Both living arrangement have been nice to be able to experience.

UA: What student work or other positions have you had during your four years here?
Marian:Last summer I did a sales internship that I got through the Eller Virtual Career Fair. It was a great learning experience! It was a hybrid position, during the pandemic. I did training online and was also able to work some in the field.

UA: Do you have a favorite class or faculty that have been influential?
Marian: Veronica Atondo, who is Assistant Director for Undergraduate Engagement and Belongingness has been a great mentor. She is a member of the Eller College Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and I’ve learned a lot from her during my four years in Eller. And Jeff Welter, who taught some of my business communications classes and who is the Career Coach for Undergraduate Programs has helped me a lot. I’ve taken his interview and resume classes and learned so much from him.

Right now, I am taking a class in Strategic Management and Leadership in a Complex World. I’m learning so much about people skills, and how businesses work. I think my favorite classes have been the first semester Eller classes. I really enjoyed the group format, meeting so many other students in Eller and collaborating on our projects together. The format sets you up for the rest of the Eller years.

UA: Do you have a favorite place to eat on or near campus?
Marian: I like Ike’s coffee shop, Illegal Pete’s and of course I always like Starbuck’s.

UA: What are some of your favorite things about Tucson?
Marian: The weather is something everyone will tell you is great here. I have met so many people. I’ve never felt lost, and people are always willing to help. There is a strong sense of belonging and community.

UA: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?
Marian: Use the many resources on campus! ThinkTank, advising, the Global Center, your college. There are so many resources for students and ask for help. And go to The Rec! It’s a great place to work out and have fun. Be as involved as you can, find activities and clubs that you enjoy.

Screenshot of Marian hosting a Day in the Life Instagram Story Takeover for International Admissions

UA: Tell us about the Global Center and your work on the International Admissions team.
Marian: I think the best part of working with International Admissions has been meeting people from other countries.

UA: What are some of your favorite place to study on campus?
Marian: I like to study at the Main Library. I usually would go to the 3rd floor. Everyone has their favorite spot.

UA: Why do you think a student should come to the University of Arizona?
Marian: I think for the community experience, as well as the many opportunities they will have for professional and personal growth.

UA: What will be your best memory of your time as a student?
Marian: I’ve really liked the student life and my routine that I’ve developed while here. Going to class, working, clubs, going out with friends, going to ball games. I really like having a packed schedule and it’s made my four years here very memorable.