Announcing the 2021-2022 Study Abroad TikTok Contest Winners!

April 20, 2022


This spring, Study Abroad ran its first TikTok Contest, asking Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 students to create and submit their best short videos on the following themes:

                Theme 1: A Day in the Life

                Theme 2: Tips for Abroad

                Theme 3: What I Mean when I say I Studied Abroad In…

Within these themes, students could film a single video, pull together various clips, or create a stream of images with sound. As they created these TikToks, students worked their skills in photography and videography, video editing, and audio editing, demonstrating both an eye for the arts and a mastery of the relevant technology.

Congratulations to our Winners! 

1st Place: Juliette Murphy (UA Barcelona, Spring 2022)

“Through this video, I was able to reflect the amazing and one-of-a-kind things I’ve gotten to experience while studying abroad. There are so many things I’ve been able to learn through my program and so many people I’ve gotten to meet. Specifically, I show my first FC Barcelona game, our field trips with my school (IAU), eating with my friends, and many more. The inspiration for my video was just to try to embody what my experience in Spain has been. In Barcelona specifically, you get a little of everything. You get the big city but you also get the beach, small cozy neighborhoods, sports, yummy restaurants, and quaint cafes. I was hoping to show this through the imagery I’ve captured in my time in Spain.”

-    Juliette Murphy, 1st Place

2nd Place: Rachel McKeighan (UA Barcelona, Spring 2022)

"My inspiration for this video was my Barcelona Bucketlist. I have a note with all the places to go and things to do in Barcelona that I have been trying to check out throughout this semester. I am getting close to having it all done! Between class work and weekend trips, I sometimes would forget that I was living in such an incredible place. My Bucketlist and this contest have helped me realize how many beautiful places I have seen in Barcelona and how many memories I have made with fellow Wildcats who have been in Tucson with me the last few years, yet it took traveling halfway across the world to meet."

-    Rachel McKeighan, 2nd Place

3rd Place: Amelia Esteverena (UA Barcelona, Fall 2021)

“I was inspired to make this because I had so many video clips from all the amazing things I would see in Barcelona. I would discover new places, artwork, restaurants, and more, all by walking around the city every day. It was an amazing experience to piece them together and see clips of my home stay family, my apartment, the delicious food I ate and so much more. I miss Barcelona dearly and this video reflects my incredible experience I was able to have there.” 

-    Amelia Esteverena, 3rd Place

Keep up the Excitement! The Study Abroad Photo Contest is now open, taking still-photo submissions from students who studied abroad in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022. Check the Study Abroad Instagram account @uastudyabroad for more information and submission dates!


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