Payments To Visitors

For information regarding payment to foreign visitors, please refer to "9.16 Payments to Nonresident Aliens" AND "Payments Allowed, Documentation Required Under Various Visa Classifications".

Updated with new procedures reflecting the utilization of Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance System named GLACIER.
The policy has also been updated to:

  • Address foreign visitors with Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or Employment Authorization Card (EAC)
  • Address payments to foreign artists and US agent of foreign artists
  • Address taxability of travel expense for students (UA and non-UA) attending a conference
  • Remove foreign documentation requirements when payment is made to UA students through check requests
  • Treat Canadians and Mexicans without a visa and I-94 as B1
  • Allow reimbursement to O-1 and TN teacher/researcher sponsored by another institution
  • Update Visa Classification Table to include foreign artists (under O and P visa)
  • Replace "Foreign Visitor Statement" with "Honorarium Statement"

For additional information, please contact:

Andrea Lee
University of Arizona
Accounts Payable