Immigration Services

The University of Arizona hosts one of the largest populations of international faculty and scholars in the United States. These individuals engage in a variety of teaching and research activities at UArizona and are distinct from international students in that academic coursework is not their primary objective on campus.

International Faculty & Scholars (IFS) is a unit within Arizona International which assists academic departments and over 1,500 international faculty and scholars by advising on immigration regulations. In consultation with faculty and administration, IFS determines the immigration options for international faculty and scholars that permit the greatest benefit and flexibility to the university and the individual.

In furtherance of this objective, IFS prepares and submits immigration filings on behalf of the University for the benefit of the individuals they wish to employ and sponsor. In addition, IFS represents the university in correspondence with government agencies and ensures that UArizona maintains compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

If you are a prospective international faculty member or scholar, your host department will be your primary point of contact at UArizona. Your host department, in consultation with IFS, will determine the most appropriate immigration status for your stay in the U.S. Host departments are responsible for requesting immigration documents from IFS and undertake several other obligations, including:

  • Documenting that the scholar is fully qualified to participate in the proposed activity.
  • Completing IFS immigration sponsorship paperwork.
  • Advising the scholar, before and after arrival in Tucson, of the department’s available services and facilities (e.g. payroll, University benefits, office or lab space).
  • Notifying IFS in advance of changes to the scholar’s start or end date, financial support, position title, percent of FTE, worksite location, etc.

Depending upon the nature of a scholar’s affiliation with UArizona, several different immigration statuses may be available to them. Specific requirements apply to each immigration status that must be met to ensure compliance with federal immigration regulations. For information regarding specific federal immigration regulations and university policies on immigration sponsorship procedures, please select from the options at left.

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