SUPER - Stuttgart

Program Facts

Program Type: Other

Credit Type: Direct Credit

Level of Study: Graduate , Undergraduate

GPA: 2.75

Class Eligibility: Junior , Senior , Sophomore , Graduate

Language of Instruction: English , German

Program Open To: UA Students

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Summer 2024 Dates: June 3 - Mid-August | Please do not purchase plane tickets until you have received instructions from Study Abroad.

The Stuttgart University Program for Experiencing Research (SUPER) Program is an excellent opportunity for STEM students wishing to conduct research in world-class labs in the following fields: Architecture and Urban Planning, Energy Technology, Process Engineering, Biological Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Design, Production Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Optical Sciences. No German language experience is required.

Check out this awesome video featuring 2022 participants from UArizona and beyond!

The Stuttgart University Program for Experiencing Research (SUPER) hosted by the University of Stuttgart is an excellent opportunity for STEM students from North American universities to gain hands-on experience in an international lab within their fields. 

Students may apply to join an established research project, or request a placement in another field that fits their individual academic needs. 
Summer 2024 projects are now available here! Click on the Overview of all research projects tab for details. 

Participants spend a minimum of 270 hours working on their research assignment during the 10-week period of the program, for which they can receive up to 6 units of UArizona direct credit. Students will need to consult with their academic advisor(s) on an individual basis to determine the amount and type of credits they can earn towards their degree through this program.

No German language experience is required. 

Christian Burkert Stiftung scholarship:

Students with outstanding academic records are eligible to receive scholarships of up to 500 Euro per month for housing and living expenses through the Christian Bürkert Stiftung. Each SUPER applicant will be considered for this award and notified if selected.

Other scholarships:

Arizona Global scholarships: 

Departmental scholarships:

External scholarships:


SUPER staff and the University of Stuttgart's International Office will facilitate accommodations in one of the University's residence halls.

SUPER students may also participate in the University's fantastic Buddy Program to meet local students who will assist with airport pick-up and housing check-in upon arrival in Stuttgart, as well as provide support and friendship during the program.


Andrew Hartman (UArizona):

"I have been given a great deal of advice over the course of my life regarding what to spend my time and money doing, Most of which was to choose experiences over things. To see new things, meet new people, and do things that make you feel uncomfortable, instead of simply staying in one place and buying things that you think will make you happy. Despite this, for most of my life I have looked to things for happiness. I bought a cool car and spent all of my free time and money making it faster and making it look better. All the while living on the farm where I was born and raised, and going to a University that was just 50 miles away. That was until this past year when I decided to leave that behind and pursue a completely different experience. I applied for the SUPER program and was given the opportunity to spend a summer in Stuttgart while I performed research at the University of Stuttgart on Film Cooling in Supersonic flows. The time that I spent in Germany while participating in the program was, without a doubt, the greatest experience of my life."

Laura Berneaga (University of Toronto):

"I had been put in contact with my supervisor, Ms. Silvia Kliem, starting in late March, thus, even if I would not arrive in Germany for another 3 months, we had gotten to know each other via email in that time. I was very grateful to have started communicating with my supervisor early on because we got to know each other prior to even meeting in person, which made our first interaction much smoother. Ms. Kliem assured me that there is no work related to the research I will be doing that I needed to do beforehand, since we would deal with everything once I was physically there. I was very excited to start working, however I did feel slightly overwhelmed on the first day, since I was expecting to encounter some brand-new concepts that I would have to study in order to familiarize myself and be up to par with the knowledge level of the project. However, because the project was chosen based on my skills and education level, I already had prior knowledge about the topic and the work I would be doing was based on concepts I had already encountered in some of the courses I had taken in university. In addition, on the first day, I got a tour of the institute, looking at all the machines that were used for other projects and that I would shortly use as well."


Click here to review the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Germany's COVID-19 information page.

  • Official website for the city of Stuttgart


Good To Know

LGBTQ+ Equality Index rating: Germany rates 80/100 (with 100 being the most equal) on Equaldex’s LGBTQ+ Equality Index.

Global Peace Index rating: Germany ranks 15/163 in the Global Peace Index. The lower the score, the more peaceful the country.

Language Spoken: German

Term: Summer
Application Deadline: February 25
Start Date: June 3
End Date: mid August

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